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Entrada a una bodega

It is born like memory and tribute to whom, with their illusion, worked creating and keeping the inherited wealth by centuries. This heritage is the Wine Cellar's. Inside them the wine has been produced and preserved during a lot of centuries.

The origin of these wine cellar's is placed by XII or XIII century. It that means that during more than eight centuries, the earth was bored for building the small underground wine cellar's.

In the Duero's riverside is produced a marvellous wine, the perfect company in a good table. By centuries, the natural places of preserving have been the underground wine cellar's.

Mapa de la provincia de Burgos

The "mataburras” wine cellar is one of the older wine cellar excavated in the La Horra village subsoil. This village is located in the south of Burgos region.
It is born like memory of ones underground wine cellar's excavated in the subsoil, outside of the La Horra village, Burgos region, in an area whose name is The Cogollo. No long time ago, the wealth of this village was based on these wine cellar's where the wine, product of the annual harvest, sleep.
It is born like tribute to all the people that by dint of arms, with picks and shovels, and during a lot of generations, were taking the earth out to build their wine cellar's. They are an example of manufacturing construction of plants and subsoil roofed systems. Architecture whose heritage must be preserved as historical & tourist element.

The name of this wine cellar, “mataburras”, is essential to identify it from the rest one. His origin is placed, regarding the old men in the village, in facts or events happened during their building.

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