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Mataburras wine cellar name`s history

Versión en Castellano

EntranceThis is one of those histories that pass by parents to children and who to comprise important of the facts happened for many centuries. The narration is placed in the construction of one of the La Horra (Burgos) older wine cellar.

When they tell us facts, leave us perplex by whichever events have later repercussion, as for the persons as the places which surround us or as in our case, the "name" of this wine cellar: "MATABURRAS".

The constructors were taking some days thinking about the name that was going to call to this wine cellar in order to distinguish it of the rest of wine cellars built in the village.

Wine cellar`s door & stairsThey were taking excavated part of the main and only warehouse in the wine cellar. They had built the stairs almost completely. And, even when they began working in the project during long time, they did not get an agreement about the name.

Some names were considered but did not everybody agree with the proposed names. In this debate, as frequent conversation, always was the uncertainty about which the name of the wine cellar would be.

Works were going on between events and anecdotes of all types. Any of those events would give a solution to the dispute-doubt of the wine cellar name. Meanwhile, as special circumstance, some days before, two owners of animals working in the wine cellar construction, saw how their animals got sick and rapidly died without the veterinarian could do nothing. The coincidence occurs of which both were owners of a donkey each one, and one of those donkeys was old, bat the other one not as much, and because of this, one of them was close to dye but no the other one.

At that time, in the village many neighbours had this kind of animals for field works, being in all the most of the cases, one of the animal better considered and definitively, an important investment as familiar level. And, suddenly, another even happened.

Donkey with large-basketsA good day or no so good, of those of winter in which the fog is too dense in the morning and hardly can see nothing in a few meters, our good farmer though that it will be better for that day that the field works would be able to postpone to later on while the assistance in the wine cellar construction would be the correct way to spend the day because was closer to the village.

And taking this decision with the rest of the farmers, they were agreed to go to work to the wine cellar with more intensity in order to advance works. On that way, the farmer took the donkey with him, the big sacks ready as large baskets and went to the wine cellar in construction.

Such large baskets were a simply way of carrying the earth excavated or the stones needed, and that transported by the animals, gave assistance to the human effort. They gave a breath of human relief to the hard work of chipping earth, take it out in small baskets, load it on the animals and get it away from there. The working day was really hard for the workers and farmers.

Regional cartWe must take in account that the construction was going slowly and step by step due to the rudimentary farmer implements used. With the pick and the shovel the work was being run very slowly in comparison with the actual farmer implements as diggers, drills, elevators cranes, trucks and other construction machinery.

The ussing of carts for transporting earth and stones, as much as all kind of animals for the work assistance, were essential for his construction. In other words, anything would be able to be useful.

Ventilation pipe & tablesIn those days, the construction was concentrated in the ventilation pipe which would be useful for cleaning the wine cellar up. This ventilation was making through the "zarceras", which is called in our region. It is similar to the vertical pit constuction which is coincident with one of the main warehouse side and from there, take the external air. They took several months and had built a lot of meters. The ventilation pipe appeared in one road side and like this, the hole was so big that took up the middle or more of the road, leaving only a small space to walk. The anchor of the road would be approximately of two meters and a half.

No dangerous for animals and tools existed because the farmers took care on the small distance to the hole, so, works were going on. Due to the dense fog, the daily work was being slowed down and the care was biggers. But, one day, almost without the owner realized, the animal tripped or frighten for some unknown reason and fell down in te deep hole excavated for the wine cellar ventilation.

DonkeyThe animal was so cached and put across that it was necessary the whole people over ther to try to took him out from the hole, using rope, string and so on, so, obviously, the donkey died for suffocating before reaching the surface and due also to the blows given with the stones.

Well, things were on that way. The donkey`s owner was desolated because, in justice, the animal was really pretty, as a jewel, all his money reversed on it, the animal he had and his only assistance. Diary he was taking him to the field, loaded the grain`s bag on him, and frequently, due to the tiredness, he used to ride him to come at hombre back. So, he was really bad and above all, sad.

But, after a lot of days thinking about the wine cellar`s name one idea came though to his mind and proposed it to the rest of the farmers without knowing if his proyect would be accepted or failed.

Original Mataburras wine cellar Following the events happened, he thought that it would be fantastic idea to call to the new wine cellar "MATABURRAS", just in memory of the three donkeys died in his construction. Of course that idea was accepted for all the constructors and farmers involved.

From than then, this wine cellar has taken this name and remains recorded in the actual iron door. When we had to change the old door for another new, it was really a "genial" idea to keep with us this name again and everybody know what the name of this wine cellar is.

All visitors when come and have the possibility of seeing the name "MATABURRAS" still recorder in the door, get a big surprise and put the attention on their. As a childes as a young and old men, this curious name provoke a lot of smiles to who for first time discover it.

This is the real history of the wine cellar`s name "MATABURRAS" transmitted through the centuries to now on.

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